Active Knox

How Active Knox Started

Bike Walk Knoxville served as a member of the National Association of Counties (NACo) formed with a technical assistance grant from NACo with a goal to improve the built environment for active transportation in Knox County.  The NACo team educates different audiences on the benefits of walkable, connected communities.  The NACo team created a video that summarizes our efforts:

What is Active Knox?

Once the NACo grant ended, the team transitioned to Active Knox, which launched in August 2016.  Active Knox was formed as a result of the Community Health Improvement Plan.  The goal of Active Knox is to increase active transportation and recreation by advocating for policies with implementation that improve connectivity for walking, biking, and transit.  The Active Knox team has developed an Action Plan to increase access to sidewalks, greenways, and parks in Knox County.  The team reports to the Knox County Community Health Council.  Dr. Caroline Cooley, President of Bike Walk Knoxville is the chair of this team that is comprised of multiple community partners.  This team partners with other like-minded organizations and has been hosting a Walkability Speaker Series.  

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Active Knox Speaker Series

The Active Knox Speaker Series will resume on Tuesday, October 13 with a presentation from Dr. Gene Fitzhugh and Dr. Christina Barroso discussing their study of Knoxville's parks and the impact of design on physical activity and health equity. There will be two virtual sessions (via Zoom), one at noon and one at 6:00 pm. 

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