Kids Love Bikes Program

Bike Walk Knoxville applied for a grant (summer of 2017) from the Siddiqi Foundation to fund a Kids Bicycle Safety Education Program.  BWK received funding for 50% of the total requested grant amount, $6,500 each year for 2 years, along with a challenge by the Foundation for BWK to raise the additional 50%, $6,500 each year for 2 years, in order to fund the program.   The program, "Kids Love Bikes" has 3 main goals: teach children bike safety, increase the number of kids riding bikes, and provide bike maintenance.  Bike Walk Knoxville provides educational materials and contracts with an instructor to teach bike safety and skills to kids.  Each child who successfully completes the program receives a bike provided by Bike Walk Knoxville, with the support of our community partners, as well as a helmet provided by the Epilepsy Foundation.

In April (2018), Bike Walk Knoxville launched our Kids Love Bikes program, providing local kids the opportunity to earn their own bike and helmet by completing our interactive and instructional course on bike safety, skills and maintenance. The Kids Love Bikes program will benefit youth from communities such as Lonsdale Elementary and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Vestal, Montgomery Village and Blount County. Special thanks to the Siddiqi Foundation and our other wonderful partners and generous donors for making this program possible!

We continue to raise funds to support the program, so if you would like to make a donation to the Kids Love Bikes Program, please click here or contact Lindsey Kimble at 

Kids Love Bikes in Action!

With this program, we have seen firsthand how by giving kids the opportunity to be active and be outside, we are also increasing their physical literacy by mastering new skills and changing their conception of what they think they are capable of or enjoy.  Across all the different levels of experience with bikes and physical activity the kids have before this program, with every skill attempted, you see kids surprise themselves and learn what’s possible when they have some encouragement and they don’t give up even if the first try doesn’t go great!  The smiles and determination on the kids’ faces are priceless!

June 2018 We launched the program at both the Vestal and Montgomery Village Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs in South Knoxville.  Between the two clubs we had 9 kids participate in the program and earn their very own bikes and helmets. At Vestal we had one child learn to ride without training wheels for the first time and by the end of the course we were able to take that child and the rest of the class on a ride on the Mary Vestal Greenway that adjoins the club.  We have started our second round of classes and everyone is having so much fun!


Bike Walk Knoxville took a group of 4 kids from the Blount County Boy's & Girl's Club for a ride to put their new bike handling and safety skills to work! We did a 3 mile ride out on the Maryville Greenway and were even lucky enough to have our friends from Bike Elf join us.  The 10 participants in this course are kids that have earned their very own refurbished bike from Bike Elf for making the honor roll at their school; now, these kids have the opportunity to hone their skills with the Kids Love Bikes program which teaches critical bike handling, mechanics and safety skills that keep kids safe while they're experiencing the joy of biking. 


5/14/18  Bike Walk Knoxville spent the day at Lonsdale Elementary School offering a shortened version of our Kids Loves Bikes program to 12 students with perfect attendance!  Gerdau Ameristeel funded the bikes, the Epilepsy Foundation of Tennessee provided the helmets, and Bike Walk Knoxville taught the kids bike safety and education. Several of the kids had never ridden a bike and were able to learn in a few short hours.  Each student took home a new bike and helmet.  Definitely a day full of smiles, fun, and cycling!