Recode Knoxville

What is Recode Knoxville?

Recode Knoxville is the City of Knoxville's chance to adopt modern standards that will support continued development and redevelopment of the City in a manner that uses resources efficiently and builds a strong, sustainable, walkable community.

Our Involvement:

Bike Walk Knoxville President, Dr. Caroline Cooley was appointed by Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero to sit on the Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee for Recode Knoxville. This is a great opportunity for Bike Walk Knoxville to advocate for alignment of Complete Streets policies with updated zoning regulations.

The committee will provide feedback to ensure that the updated ordinance serves the diverse interests of the City. Members will work to:

  • identify key issues to be addressed in the ordinance update
  • review drafts of the ordinance to ensure identified issues are addressed, and
  • serve as the liaison between the organization or group they represent during the update

Goals of Recode:

1. INVEST in Aging Industrial Sites and Commercial Areas - Better, more flexible standards that help them thrive

2. PROTECT neighborhoods and preserve the history - Support the places that make Knoxville our home

3. CONNECT our corridors, neighborhoods, and natural amenities - Better connect our community to the river and natural beauty

For more information on Recode Knoxville, visit their website: