Vision Zero

Vision Zero is one of three sub-committees of the Bike Walk Knoxville Advisory Committee.  

Every week, a person is killed in a traffic collision in Knox County. A majority of those fatalities occur in Knoxville. Pedestrians and bicyclists are 11x more likely to be killed in a traffic collision compared to a motorist. Children and older adults account for an alarming number of deaths. Our streets must be safe. Loss of life due to preventable traffic collisions is unacceptable. Vision Zero is a grassroots campaign with a simple goal – bring the number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero.

This effort is different from any other traffic safety campaign in several key ways:

  1. Vision Zero starts with the premise that all deaths and serious injuries on our roadways are preventable.
  2. Vision Zero provides a systematic approach to reduce the occurrence and severity of collisions.
  3. Vision Zero is data-driven. By aiming for zero deaths and serious injuries by a given date, the effectiveness of specific actions can be evaluated.
  4. Vision Zero is inclusive. While an inordinate number of fatalities and serious injuries are suffered by pedestrians and bicyclists, all users are brought together to generate solutions.


Vision Zero begins with a political commitment. To join the scores of cities across the U.S. in this movement, a Mayor must publicly commit to a Vision Zero campaign and develop a Vision Zero Action Plan with a clear time frame. To be effective, the campaign must engage a broad range of city departments – including police, transportation and public health – with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways.

Bike Walk Knoxville fully endorses and will support a Vision Zero Knoxville campaign to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our roadways.  We urge our political leadership to commit to a plan and address this pressing issue in our community. 

Please indicate your support of a Vision Zero Knoxville campaign by signing the petition below.

Vision Zero Petition


Bryan Hill, Chair
Bryan is a community planner living in Eastern Tennessee. He has worked with communities across the U.S. to develop strategies to develop their economies and protect their natural resources. Since nearly losing his life when struck by a motorist while commuting by bicycle, he has made bicycle and pedestrian safety and connectivity a cornerstone of his career.

In addition to his role as a planner, Bryan has given hundreds of hours to public service projects. Since moving to Knoxville, he has been deeply involved with Bike Walk Knoxville’s Advisory Committee, the Broadway Corridor Task Force, the UpTown North committee and local neighborhood associations.