BWK Attends 2016 National Bike Summit in Washington DC

Tennessee representation remained impressive at the National Bike Summit March 7-10, 2016 in Washington DC. Our delegation visited with our congressional members and staff, discussing legislation that impacts biking and walking.


BWK Presents Complete Streets

Bike Walk Knoxville, Knoxville City Staff and Safe Routes to School National Partnership gave a presentation on Complete Streets including the status of a pending Knoxville Ordinance, to the Technical Committee of the Knoxville Region Transportation Planning Organization. Participants included Caroline Cooley, Bike Walk Knoxville president; Christy Smith, TN Advocacy Organizer, Safe Routes to School National Partnership; Carrie Turner, Southern States Coordinator, Safe Routes to School National Partnership; and Erin Gill, Knoxville City Sustainability Office.


 BWK Attends National Bike Summit in Washington DC

Four members of Bike Walk Knoxville, Amy Benner, Caroline Cooley, Amanda Opolski, and Diane Reynolds, attended the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C. March 3-6, 2014. Our Tennessee delegation had a good day on Capitol Hill, meeting with our legislators and staff. The Bike Walk Knoxville group met with Congressman Duncan. He expressed willingness to support legislation, HR 3494/S 1708, that would “institute a non-motorized safety performance measure that would help eliminate” needless bicycle and pedestrian fatalities.


TDOT Petition Urges Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities on I-640

Bike Walk Knoxville created a petition campaign late November 2013 to urge TDOT to include bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the I-640/ Old Broadway/ Broadway interchange project. About 800 individuals signed the petition and BWK officers delivered it in person to the regional TDOT office on December 20. BWK members and other concerned citizens also contacted elected officials about the TDOT plan omitting these facilities in spite of the fact that this transportation corridor is a critical link for non-motorized transportation. Knoxville City Council unanimously passed a resolution urging TDOT to add bike and pedestrian access to the plan and project. TDOT has not yet responded to these recent requests.


Historic Walk on Thunder Road – December 7, 2013

December 7, 2013, around 50 folks braved cold temps for our historic walk along greenways and sidewalk that border the infamous 1952 Thunder Road — Kingston Pike in Knoxville. Partnering with the East Tennessee Wanderer’s Club, the Volksmarch showcased the exceptional benefits that greenways and sidewalks provide for our neighborhoods while noting historic sites along the route.


Walk to School Day

October 9, 2013 was International Walk to School Day and many Knox County Schools participated. Caroline Cooley volunteered at Christenberry Elementary with other individuals representing the Knox County Safe Routes to School Partnership and Bike Walk Knoxville. We were surprised by the attendance of several TDOT officials: Toks Omishakin, Paul Degges, and Steven Borden. Students’ parents and members of the Christenberry school staff had the opportunity to discuss their concerns regarding children getting to and from school safely by foot or bike. Ellen Zavisca, Liliana Burbano, and Caroline also participated in the conversation. TDOT plays a huge role in the creation of the built environment that affects an individual’s mobility choices. It is not just infrastructure but also policy and safety priorities that impact our transportation systems. As advocates we must speak out that our transportation system should be inclusive with safe, functional access for pedestrians, bicyclists, disabled users, etc.