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Crash Course
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US Road Fatalities Soared in Early 2022
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How the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Could Fast-Track Harmful Highway Boondoggles
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States Consider Ending Right on Red to Address Rising Pedestrian Deaths
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New Law Would Honor Legacy of Slain Cyclist Sarah Langenkamp By Helping Cities Fill Bike Network Gaps
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Arrested Mobility Report
When Waiting For the Bus In a Wheelchair Becomes an Act of Protest
If I Eat at a Chain Restaurant, Does That Make Me a Bad Local Advocate?
The Planning Commission - America Walks with Mike McGinn
Creating safe streets for all users takes community engagement, funding, transportation leaders say
We Can Have It All: Shorter Commutes, Less Traffic. Why Aren’t We Doing It?
Now is the Time to Address Safety on State-Owned Roads
Trapped Under Trucks
Why Regulators Are Ignoring 90% Of ‘Underride’ Crash Deaths — And Not Counting Vulnerable Road Users At All
In Conversation With an Expert: Ellen Zavisca of Knoxville-Knox County Planning
The Problems With Police Crash Reports
A 74-year old Democrat in Congress pushing to make roads safer thinks 'the bicycle is the key to much of what ails us'
Push for transit, walkable communities growing across US
New federal guidance unveiled for bicycle, pedestrian and micromobility projects
NHTSA Proposes a Pass-Fail Pedestrian Safety Rating for Vehicles
Physical activity is a magic bullet for our health. So what’s holding us back?
Five Better Ways to Do Traffic Safety Education Beyond PSAs
Less Driving Is Possible — And These US Communities Are Already Doing It
Getting to zero traffic fatalities will take more than infrastructure funds, experts say
Jersey City Achieved Zero Traffic Deaths on Its Streets. Here’s How They Did It.
Safe Streets for All: An Opportunity To Rethink Traffic Enforcement
Why American Cities Still Aren’t Accessible After 33 Years of the ADA
Protect kids from getting hit by cars through road safety policy changes, the American Academy of Pediatrics urges
Ever-larger cars and trucks are causing a safety crisis on US streets – here’s how communities can fight back
Completing Sidewalk Networks: Benefits and Costs
When It Comes To Transportation Problems, All Roads Lead Back To Cars
How a Public Health Approach to Road Safety Could Save Lives
Everyone Involved Was Following The Law
America has the world’s safest air travel but sucks so bad at car safety
I use a wheelchair and I want more bike lanes
What a Week Without Driving Can Teach
Walkable cities are not a culture war, but a necessity in the 21st century
What is the Life of a Dead Pedestrian Worth?
‘Moto-normativity’: why cycling professor wants Australians to rethink how we use our roads
New cars are supposed to be getting safer. So why are fatalities on the rise?
We Need to Calm Down
Reimagining Streets for Safe, Active, and Joyful Trips to School
How To Get Your Fire Department on Board With Narrowing Streets
Mobility Safety from a Feminist Perspective
How Air Pollution Intersects with Unsafe Streets
Black Friday Parking 2023: Help Us Turn Bad Land Use Into Better Policy
Living Without Refuge: How the Housing Crisis Fuels Traffic Violence
My Neighborhood Is a Place
Study: Yes, SUVs Are Deadlier Than Cars — But on Fast Arterials, Pedestrians Die No Matter What
Are Complete Streets there yet? We’re just getting started
Building a bike-friendly city
Why So Many U.S. Drivers Think Speeding Is Perfectly Safe
The Calculus of Crossing the Street
Why Are So Many American Pedestrians Dying at Night?
The Other Reason American Pedestrian Deaths are Rising After Dark
Traffic Deaths And Injuries Cost $1.8 Trillion To The Global Economy: Report
Hundreds of Vision Zero Projects Get Mega Biden Bucks
Feds tout pedestrian, cyclist safety measures in new road design rules
Rules of the Road Get a Long-Awaited Update in the US
Feds, Advocates Talk About What’s In The New MUTCD (And What Isn’t)!
Eleventh Edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices brings modern bicycle facilities
The rules of the road are changing, but not fast enough for everyone
From Austin to Anchorage, U.S. cities opt to ditch their off-street parking minimums
In a win for the climate, urban speed limits are dropping
What We’re Getting Wrong about Vision Zero & Lessons for 2024
Why Cities Need to Invest in Active Mobility for the Climate and Economy
Rethinking Streets to Drive Commerce and Connection – Not Just Cars
The effect of front-end vehicle height on pedestrian death risk
50 Years Since Nixon’s ‘National Speed Limit’: A Tale of Missed Opportunities
The Economist is wrong to claim car-addicted US cities are more accessible than Europe’s, here’s why
How Parking Reform Is Helping Transform American Cities
The key to happiness might be living within walking distance of a coffee shop
What Vision Zero Has And Hasn't Accomplished
Three Ways Great Urban Fabric Can Change Your Life
Five Lessons for the 10-Year Anniversary of Vision Zero in New York City
American drivers are now even more distracted by their phones. Pedestrian deaths are soaring.
How Hoboken Has Gone Years Without a Traffic Death
The Inconvenient Truth Behind the Pandemic Rise in Distracted Driving
AARP: What’s Good for Older Americans Is Good for All of Us
A Better Understanding of Smart Growth Benefits
Why do our traffic laws prioritize speed over safety?
Focusing on Safer Roads and Safer Speeds
Four Things to Know About the Historic Automatic Emergency Braking Rule
The Second Best Way to Get Safer Streets
License to rage: These 10 U.S. states have the worst road rage
How the city's new sustainability director plans to make Knoxville greener
Hundreds of cities have achieved zero road deaths in a year. Here’s how they did it