Events - Outdoor Knoxville 
Outdoor Knoxville maintains a list of most outdoor recreation events happening in and around Knoxville. You can follow the link to their calendar and search for the category “bicycling” to find opportunities to bike.

Knox Bike Facilities Plan
The Bike Facilities Plan provides infrastructure improvement suggestions to make Knoxville a better place to bike. This is a great resource to check out if you are wanting to learn more about current bike facilities in Knoxville and efforts to improve them.

Bicycle Safety 
Here are several resources with information about biking safely.

Tennessee Bicycle Laws 
TN Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide - Handbook including descriptions of laws and guidelines for obeying laws for both cyclists & motorists

Family Bike Riding
Riding tips for families

Donating a Bike
There are several bike shops in Knoxville that accept bikes. When it’s time to get rid of an old or outgrown bike, consider donating to one of these awesome bike shops:

Kickstand     Bike Elf

Bike Theft
Bike Index allows you to register your bike and alert the Bike Index community and partners if it goes missing, which can help with recovering lost or stolen bicycles. 

Stolen bicycles can be reported to the Knoxville Police Department's Property Crimes Unit