Vision Zero

Vision Zero

What it is

Vision Zero is a grassroots campaign with a simple goal – bring the number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero. 

This effort is different from any other traffic safety campaign in several key ways:

  1. Vision Zero starts with the premise that all deaths and serious injuries on our roadways are preventable.
  2. Vision Zero provides a systematic approach to reduce the occurrence and severity of collisions.
  3. Vision Zero is data-driven. By aiming for zero deaths and serious injuries by a given date, the effectiveness of specific actions can be evaluated.
  4. Vision Zero is inclusive. While an inordinate number of fatalities and serious injuries are suffered by pedestrians and bicyclists, all users are brought together to generate solutions.


Vision Zero begins with a political commitment. To join the scores of cities across the U.S. in this movement, a Mayor must publicly commit to a Vision Zero campaign and develop a Vision Zero Action Plan with a clear time frame. To be effective, the campaign must engage a broad range of city departments – including police, transportation and public health – with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways.

Our Involvement

Bike Walk Knoxville fully endorses and will support a Vision Zero Knoxville campaign to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our roadways. We have formed a Vision Zero sub-committee as a part of our BWK Advisory Committee that is working to implement a Vision Zero campaign in Knoxville. To help facilitate this, Bike Walk Knoxville recently presented about Vision Zero to the Knoxville City Council. This presentation highlighted the dangerous trends in our communities and the ways that a Vision Zero policy would help protect not only cyclists and pedestrians, but also drivers and anyone else who uses transportation in Knoxville. You can use this link to see the agenda and minutes from the City Council workshop. To learn more about Vision Zero and our efforts, check out this one-pager put together by Bryan Hill, our Vision Zero Committee Chair.

Get Involved

If you are interested in more information about the Vision Zero movement, click the button below to find out how to get involved with our Vision Zero Committee.

Get Involved

We are calling on you to join our efforts in ending traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. Please join us in supporting a future with zero road deaths and injuries in Knoxville, TN by signing our Vision Zero petition!

Sign the Vision Zero Petition!

We all want Knoxville to be a safe place to walk, bike, and live, and Bike Walk Knoxville understands that an important part of that is understanding how our community feels about various infrastructure projects in our area! We recently conducted a survey collecting information from community members about the Cumberland streetscape project to develop a better picture of how many people walk and bike there now that the project is complete, and how safe they feel doing so. We shared with our partners at the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization, as well as with City Council members and members of the Mayor’s administration at our Spring Bike Tour. Check out our survey results here!

We understand that community members are our strongest resource to create positive change in Knoxville, which is why we want to hear your stories about collisions and near misses while walking and biking.

Bryan Hill has lived in Knoxville for three years, and serves as the Vision Zero Committee Chair for Bike Walk Knoxville. In 2007, Bryan was commuting home on his bicycle when he was struck from behind by an intoxicated driver going 35 miles per hour. The collision shattered the tibia in Bryan’s right leg and resulted in severe injuries and a dramatic loss of blood. After several surgeries and months of recovery, Bryan was able to walk again and over the course of the next year got back on his bike. The situation helped transform Bryan into an amazing activist for the Vision Zero cause, because he does not want anyone else to have to experience what he went through. 

If you, like Bryan and so many others, have an experience you’d like to share with us, please send your story to our Executive Director, Lindsey Kimble, at [email protected]. By sharing our stories, as well as our concerns and our hopes, we can raise awareness for this monumental issue and be a part of making Knoxville a better place for everyone to walk, bike, and live. 

Thank you for being a part of this important process, and for supporting the work we do at Bike Walk Knoxville.