Bike Walk Knoxville is the local expert for bicycle and pedestrian safety and accessibility.  We advocate for all ages and abilities in the community to have safe and accessible streets for walking and biking; thus working to build a more walkable, bikeable, and livable City.  Through our advocacy programs, Bike Walk Knoxville works with communities to empower their voices for active transportation, with elected officials to enact smart policy changes, and with the Knoxville government to guide best practices in implementation.  Advocacy is one of three sub-committees of the Bike Walk Knoxville Advisory Committee.  

For information about engaging with the Knoxville City Council, please click here.

For information about engaging with the Knox County Commission, please click here.

Vision Zero is a grassroots campaign with a simple goal – bring the number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero.

Bike Walk Knoxville fully endorses and will support a Vision Zero Knoxville campaign to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our roadways. We have formed a Vision Zero sub-committee as a part of our BWK Advisory Committee that is working to implement a Vision Zero campaign in Knoxville.

Please indicate your support of a Vision Zero Knoxville campaign by signing this petition.