City Council

You can find your City Council member's contact information here.

Here is the procedure for citizens attending a City Council meeting in Knoxville (original language can be found under Sec. 7.5-79. - Rule 18: Order of debate):

  • People wanting to speak must register with the recorder and give their name, address, and the subject they are speaking about.
  • Each person is permitted five (5) minutes to speak and may only speak one (1) time, except that the chair may allow two (2) minutes to the proponent for rebuttal.
  • When multiple people want to speak on an issue, each side will be limited to three (3) speakers and a maximum speaking time of fifteen (15) minutes. Those who desire to speak may request the council to extend the time limit.
  • The council may extend the number of speakers or the time allowed for speakers by a majority vote of the council or set a public hearing on the matter.
  • All speakers and members of the audience and council should remember that the meeting is a council meeting. All people will show proper respect to each other and will maintain the proper decorum in the meeting at all times. Those who fail to observe the rules as to proper decorum will not be permitted to speak and may be removed from the meeting.
  • Once proponents and opponents have spoken on an issue in a public hearing and there are still people who desire to speak about the subject, the mayor will ask the council to decide if there will be further public debate.

If you're wondering how City Council meetings are organized, please see this summary of Robert's Rules of Order and this source about Knoxville's City Council.

Please remember to be courteous and polite, focus on issues and not personalities, and listen to the other side when engaging with your City Council member and participating in a public meeting!