Safety Tips

We want everyone to be safe and have fun while participating in the Tour de Lights bike ride! There are some challenges that go along with riding with a thousand bicyclists. Please check out the safety tips below:

  • Wear a helmet! Not only is this for your safety, but you’ll be serving as a good role model for the kids. Kids under age 16 are required to wear a helmet by law.  
  • By law, your bike should be equipped with a front white headlight and red rear reflector.
  • Make sure your bike is in proper and safe condition before the ride. Make sure your tires have enough air!
  • We want everyone to join in the festivities and dress up themselves and their bike! Please make sure you do not have loose items that could be a safety hazard. 

Riding in a Large Group:

  • Maintain a safe distance between you and the people around you, especially going downhill.
  • Faster bicyclists should pass on the left; slower bicyclists should stay to the right. Move all the way to the right and get off the road if you have to stop for any reason.
  • Use hand signals when turning or stopping unexpectedly. Signal with your voice before passing — call out "on your right" or "on your left" if you are passing someone closely.
  • Control your speed and slow down for congestion and hazardous conditions.
  • Crashes can occur when inexperienced riders don’t have adequate bike-handling skills or when kids don’t pay attention to their surroundings (if you aren’t sure about your child’s skills/attention, consider a tag-a-long/trail-a-bike or bike trailer). When kids swerve during the ride, it is dangerous for other bicyclists.
  • Please make sure children stay with an adult. It is dark and there are a lot of people, which makes it easy to get lost. Talk to your child ahead of time and make sure they understand that they need to stay with you.
  • Remember to shift to lower gears as you approach a hill; not while you are climbing the hill.


Ride Marshals: There will be volunteer Ride Marshals on the ride to provide support. They will monitor safety and etiquette along the route – please listen if they ask you to follow the rules. There will also be some in the rear who ensure that no one is left behind or gets lost.

We need volunteer ride marshals! Please contact Bike Walk Knoxville Executive Director Lindsey Kimble at [email protected] if interested!