Our Mission and Goals

Our Mission

Bike Walk Knoxville advocates for continued improvement of biking and walking in the Knoxville region for all ages and all abilities.

Our Goals

1. Engage in outreach and educational opportunities. From Summer Tours with Elected Officials to Youth Bike and Walk programming to advocating for legislation that protects vulnerable road users, Bike Walk Knoxville reaches out to Knoxville area residents to engage and educate them regarding the benefits of better policies and more infrastructure for biking and walking.

2. Support Complete Streets. Complete Streets are streets that work for everybody. People of all ages and abilities should be able to safely move along and across streets in a community, regardless of how they are traveling. Complete Streets provide connectivity for biking and walking; communities that have invested in bike and walking connections are healthier and economically more prosperous.

3. Serve as the subject matter expert to the Knoxville region. If you have a question about a policy or funding that impacts biking and walking at the local, state or federal level, we are here to answer your questions. We can provide you with talking points to educate your elected officials on legislation or funding that impacts walking and biking access.

4. Plan and host Open Streets Knoxville.  Open Streets Knoxville combines physical activity with community engagement to build support for more and safer transportation choices. Open Streets Knoxville is part of a global Open Streets Project, which seeks innovative ways for cities to achieve environmental, social, economic, and public health goals.