Knoxville Ghost Bikes

What is a ghost bike?

A ghost bike is a memorial placed to honor a life lost to a roadway crash. Typically, the bike is painted white and placed near the site of the crash with signage. These somber displays can be found across America and the globe, making a statement about the right to safe travel for all. 

How many ghost bikes are there in Knoxville?

Bike Walk Knoxville is working to install ghost bikes around our community to serve as reminders of the tragedies that take place on our streets. Currently, we are working to place memorials at each of the 6 most dangerous streets for pedestrians and cyclists in Knoxville: Broadway, Chapman Highway, Cumberland Avenue, Kingston Pike, Magnolia Avenue, and Western Avenue. 

What should I do when I see a ghost bike?

Ghost bikes are intended to encourage folks to remember the lives lost to road crashes, and inspire action to make our streets safer for everyone. When you come across a ghost bike, we encourage you to take a moment to think about the friends, neighbors, and loved ones that are lost each year to traffic violence.

How can I install a memorial for a loved one I lost to a crash?

If you'd like Bike Walk Knoxville's assistance with installing a ghost bike to honor a loved one, please reach out to our Advocacy Director, Zoe Scott, at [email protected].

Where can I learn more about ghost bikes?

You can visit for more information about ghost bike campaigns across the world. 

Bike Walk Knoxville would like to thank our partners at Kickstand for providing the bicycles for our ghost bike displays.