Open Streets take place on Sunday, June 14, 2020 from 2-6pm in South Knoxville!  Sevier Ave. from Atchley St. down to Suttree Landing via Foggy Bottom St. will be packed with fun! 

The businesses on the route are the backbone of the event. We want you to be an Activity Provider (see description below) and provide a fun activity; music is encouraged. The fun should be planned in the street in front of your business. There is no fee required for businesses on the route, however donations are encouraged and welcomed, as community sponsors make this event possible and allow us to continue offering Open Streets!

Not a business/organization on the route, but wanting to participate in Open Streets? Join in the fun and be an Activity Provider (see below for a description of what an activity provider is)!

Registration Fee (only for businesses not on the route): $100 
*Non-profits receive a 50% discount on the fee.
Please note – if you pay via PayPal or Credit Card, there will be an additional $5 processing fee.

To participate in Open Streets, please complete our Activity Provider Application


What is an Activity Provider?

The free and family-friendly activities hosted by our activity providers help make Open Streets Knoxville an enriching and fun experience for participants. Activity providers are expected to provide programming, with emphasis on interactive, fun activities that promote physical activity, health, the outdoors, community, and safety.

We encourage you to be creative in choosing your activity. Make it something that will make someone remember your business, organization, etc.! (Some examples from past events include yoga in the street, bicycle demos, a rock climbing wall, obstacle courses, bubbles).

We want you to take up space!  Set-up in the streets and take up space. We challenge every business/organization participating to offer a fun, attractive activity/booth, so that folks WANT to check out your booth and therefore keep moving down the route. It is a team effort and if everyone offers fun along the way, no one should feel left out!

Need help or not sure if your activity is eligible – email us at [email protected].

The following types of participation are invited:

  • Share your expertise with the community by offering an interactive or creative space where attendees can actively participate.
  • Lead group fitness activity, lessons, or offer demonstrations.  The goal is to get people active and having fun doing it!
  • Perform!  Open Streets Knoxville is a great venue where you will reach thousands of people. You’re welcome to put out a hat or guitar case to collect donations.
  • Offer a fun, active activity such as bike riding, relay races, mini soccer games, etc. to promote physical activity.

Activity providers are given a designated space on the route to set up a booth.  Activity providers are responsible for bringing their own tent (with 40 lb weights to support each leg), table, chairs, etc.  If you have a specific request such as needing electric or grassy space, please indicate on your application and we will do our best to accommodate request.  (Requests are not guaranteed.)

No sales are allowed at booths (except by approved mobile food vendors and businesses located on the route). All activities and games at the event must be free of charge.  If you own a business, you’re welcome to offer participants incentives, such as discounted membership rates, free or reduced-price classes, or a discount on purchases made following the event.

Why should my business located on the route participate in Open Streets?

Open Streets turns streets into safe, fun places for walking, bicycling, dancing, and other activities.  It is free for attendees and brings thousands of people, presenting a great opportunity for businesses located along the route to attract new customers.

Similar events have shown that 68% of participants became aware of a business they didn’t know existed before! Businesses that are open during these events can see a 10% increase in revenue compared to regular business days. Greater increases, up to 57%, have been seen when businesses actively engage with participants.

Making the Most of Open Streets

If your business/organization is located along the route, keep the following in mind:

  • Plan on being open the day of the event.
  • Businesses that open up to the sidewalk and street report record sales and make the event more fun for participants.
  • Make your storefront visible.
    • There will be a high volume of foot traffic. Making your business visible (banners, sandwich boards, signs, etc.) will encourage more participants to stop by.
  • Bring your business outside.
    • Have a game or activity, or some of your merchandise, out in front of your store!
    • Make your game or activity unique and interactive – something that will make the individual remember your business!
    • Keep in mind…While some folks may stroll inside your business, most will stay outside.
  • Offer coupons and other “Open Streets specials.” This will tempt more participants to try your product and look for your business as they travel along the route.
    • If you’re offering a special, let us know and we can help promote it via the event website and social media.


Frequently Asked Questions (businesses located on the route)

Will there be a lot of tents blocking my business?
No, this event aims to showcase the businesses located along the route. We will only allow tents and outside vendors in areas where there aren’t currently any businesses.

How will my customers get to me if you block the road?
We will create an easy-to-read map, including available parking and detour routes.

And remember, this event will mean thousands of people walking by your business who may become new customers!

Will restrooms be provided?
Yes. There will be portable toilets along the route.

(However, this is a family friendly event, and we encourage nearby businesses to open your restrooms to the public. It will bring grateful parents in, glad to not have to take children into a portable!)