Volunteer Opportunities

All the fun of Tour de Lights cannot happen without the help of volunteers!  Volunteering with Tour de Lights is SURE to be a good time and the best thing is - You can still participate in the ride (if you choose to) for most of the volunteer positions!  We are looking for volunteers for the following positions:

Costume Contest Volunteer:

Help get everyone registered to participate in the costume contest and make sure everyone knows where to go!  This position will need to arrive at 3:45pm and ends as soon as the costume contest is over.

Parking Lot Attendants:

Help monitor a parking lot on Jackson Ave. prior to the start of the ride! The attendants will give participants directions to the event as well as help navigate traffic.  Parking lot attendants should arrive at 4:30pm and will stay in place until the last riders take off.

Ride Marshals:

Ride Marshals encourage safe behavior and provide support along the ride. Ride Marshals may also provide basic assistance to riders who may experience problems, such as flat tires and perform the role of first responders at accident scenes along the ride route.  We have Ride Marshals throughout the route including a couple acting as the caboose!  Ride Marshals should arrive at 5pm.  


We need some volunteers committed to help wherever we need help!  This could be before, during, and after the ride.  Rovers would need to be someone who is not interested in participating in the bike ride!


I want to volunteer at Tour de Lights